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Cross-Platform Play in MeepCity, by alexnewtron Cross platform games xbox and ps4 You'll be able to use cross-play with your friends by enabling 'Steam to EGS' option when loading into the main game. You will have to sign in to your Epic Games account to do this.

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Entertainment News Dead by Daylight FIFA 21 is due for release at the beginning of October on Xbox, PlayStation and PC, but will FIFA 21 support cross platform play? Here is everything that EA have confirmed so far.


Arguably the pioneer of the battle royale phenomenon as we know it, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds--otherwise known as PUBG--has seen many changes over the years as it has evolved alongside competitors like Fortnite and Apex Legends. Compared to those battle royale games, PUBG focuses more on realism, and the creeping feeling of anxiety as more players converge once the dreaded circle begins to shrink. Initially only available on PC, it later found its way to Xbox One and then PS4. Currently, PUBG only allows for cross-play between PS4 and Xbox One players. Developer PUBG Corporation has stated that there are no plans to include cross-play with the PC version at this time. Read Next in AAA Games For me, Jackbox Games is the holy grail of social distance gaming: Its multiplayer party games are simple to learn but still very entertaining to play, and it's also easy to stream or screen-share games from one device to a group for a virtual game night. Everyone plays through a web browser on their phones, so no apps or consoles are needed. You can even mirror your Android or iOS device to your TV.

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Cocos2D JS is a cross-platform, open-source, free game development SDK. It is the newest — and perhaps sexiest — member of the Cocos2D family. Essentially it’s a combination of two popular open-source projects: Cocos2D X for mobile / desktop and Cocos2D HTML5 for web. While it is currently 2D / 2.5D, there are plans to add 3D support. South Park: The Stick Of Truth There are a few other tweaks to Ubisoft Connect. The UI has changed, probably to look more streamlined and current. Ubisoft has created a cross-platform friends list. There's been an overhaul to the "Sam" AI who doled out game tips; now it's called "Smart Intel" and is supposedly better at its job. (Are any of these video game advice-giving assistants actually good?)
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