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Here are the best Auto Chess games on mobile:

The game has been available for Android in soft-launch in various regions as the developers work towards creating a balanced game prior to full release. It's an 8 player, a last-man-standing setup where players will draft units from across space and time. Best chess multiplayer game What’s a proper chess game without a time limit? If you’re serious about the sport, this chess app is a must-have. However, it isn’t like other chess apps that allow you to play chess virtually. Instead, Chess Clock is a handy tool for real-life chess players who don’t have physical chess clocks.

Best multiplayer chess

Best multiplayer chess

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Last — but certainly not least — on our list is WiFi Chess. Other multiplayer games let you play online through your chess app. However, that kind of setup requires an Internet connection for you to play meaningfully against someone else. What if you’re at home, you want to play chess, but you don’t have a chessboard? Introducing WiFi Chess: the chess app you can play with a housemate via a local network. Video game:Atari Murder on the Zinderneuf PlainChess aims to be a simple yet full–featured and beautiful alternative to the cluttered chess portals currently existing.

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Best online multiplayer chess game

WiFi Chess will allow you to play chess with your friend without internet. If you need a simple chess app to play with your friend, then it will be best. Through this app, you can play with your friends over a WiFi network. National Online Scholastic Championships - Q2 is one of the big 3 online chess providers - the other two being and Chess24. Lichess’ claim to fame is that it is an open-source chess server. It’s also completely free (and ad free) - because the site is run on donations.