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Free christmas bingo

Free christmas bingo

Be prepared for awesome holiday fun with kids with this free Christmas Bingo game. Grab your free Christmas Bingo Printable below. Whether you need a game to play for an upcoming Christmas party, or just looking for a fun family (or classroom) activity, Christmas Bingo is perfect. It’s super easy and way fun.

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Print Christmas BINGO boards (Color or Black & White), laminate and cut using a paper trimmer. BINGO boards can either be cut on outer black line or left as is. Also, cut teacher calling cards. Gather manipulatives for students set and place in a plastic baggie. This makes it super easy to store year to year. It’s a great game that kids will enjoy playing over and over again throughout the season. Download Christmas Bingo This is not an editable file. This is print & play. Print on regular 8.5" X 11" paper but games are 5" X 7" and print 2 per page. Light dotted lines help indicate where to trim. WHAT'S INCLUDED 1. Different numbered bingo cards (2 per page) 30, 40 or 502. Bingo Call Sheet3. Bingo Numbers Page (to cut out and use to draw numbers)

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Paper Trail Design Free Printable Christmas Bingo Cards This is such a fun Christmas Game for kids of all ages! Just like regular bingo, if you get 5 in a row you win! You can play just for fun, give kids a candy to eat or small present if they win. Other modifications include playing black out (where you cover all the squares), four corners (just like it sounds), or allowing there to be 2 or more winning bingos per round to allow more children to win.