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Doodle for Google is back for its 13th year

Original content © 2008 - 2021 Angela Quinton. Vampires suck. Halloween google doodle 2017 Meet some Halloween creatures in today's interactive #GoogleDoodle →

Popular google doodle games halloween 2019

Popular google doodle games halloween 2019

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Perhaps the Halloween Boo-dle will make your October 31 a little more uplifting, or maybe it’ll give you some ideas for last-minute Halloween costumes. But at the least, hopefully, Jinx the ghost’s tale can show us all how it can make someone else’s day to be just a tiny bit more inclusive every once in a while. Subscriber Support Today’s Google Doodle recognizes Pei Mei Fu on what would have been her 84th birthday. Doodler Olivia When's illustration honors Fu, and specifically her notable TV cooking career, with a Doodle that pays homage to Fu’s set. The two dishes captured in the Doodle were also thoughtfully chosen. One is fried prawn slices with sour sauce (\u918b\u6e9c\u660e\u8766), the other Cheng Family meat dish (\u7a0b\u5bb6\u5927\u8089), both two of Fu’s best known recipes.

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On Halloween 2001, the company featured a simple illustration incorporating a ghost, pumpkin and cat into the Google logo — nothing like the elaborate, interactive doodles we see today. Our 54 Doodle for Google winners show their strength Black jaguars, like the one featured in today’s Google Doodle, are actually very rare. Only about 6% of the jaguars in South and Central America are solid black; most are spotted (which, ironically, makes them harder to spot).