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Good horror multiplayer games

Good horror multiplayer games

You and three other friends have to investigate a spooky mystery and looking for clues while avoiding being devoured by a supernatural creature. Featuring over 15 playable characters and six different scenarios to explore, White Noise Online can be played solo as well. This 2014-released horror co-op game also has a ‘Replay Screen’ feature, where you can check the path you and your friends followed once a game session is over. A Wolf or Other. I do like a good horror game, I think both Outlast games has some of the most messed up horror gaming in them that I have ever played, Love it!!


When a studio can’t decide between making a first-person shooter and a sports game, they come up with Rigs: Mechanized Combat League. The late Guerilla Cambridge’s hybrid game was one of the headset’s best launch titles, delivering an exhilarating mix of teamwork, fast-paced action, and verticality. Rigs feels like the craziest game of paintball you’ve ever played, but with mechanized suits instead of dudes in plastic masks, and it has several different multiplayer modes as well as a single-player career mode to switch things up. 4. Soma by Frictional Games I'm look for browser based horror games with no download necessary. Any suggestions?

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There are over 8 hours of gameplay with up to 3 other players, so 4 total. And multiple endings with over 20 unlockable, and an unlockable extra campaign after beating the single-player version. The game started as a half-life 1 mod and after 4 years it was finally a stand-alone game available for free on steam. I don’t remember playing this game but I have like80 minutes on record with it, and it’s in my library. I really don’t know why because I would have been too scared to play this. And I didn’t have 4 friends who played games regularly so Best Co-op and Multiplayer Horror Games This website is a good solution for finding scary multiplayer games as it shows you a preview and description of the 'Left 4 Dead 2' game. It also provides you information on where to buy it and other similar games. Overall, this is a good solution for finding scary multiplayer games. More