Worst Sonic Games

Even though Sonic the Hedgehog is admired and looked up to by many fans because of the excellent games that came out. There are a bunch of games that should have never seen the daylight. Most of them are so bad that they will make you cringe if you have ever played them. Let’s take a look at the worse sonic games.

Sonic Labyrinth

This is a game for the game gear. In this game Sonic walks slowly, they took away his speed. How can you take away the most important aspect of the blue hero? Another big mistake they made is that you cannot jump. If you want to move fast, you can use the spin dash.

The object of the game is to collect keys to exit the stage. If you get hit while you have the keys, they will scatter all around. Now you have to collect all them again.

This game tries to have that 3D feel to it and the music is pretty bad to. On a plus the graphics are pretty good and the levels look good also albeit they are very repetitive.

Sonic Drift

Another game on the game gear that is horrible. This is the first racing game for sonic. This is of course a blatant copy of the Mario kart idea. I bet the guys at Sega saw the impact Mario kart had and try to duplicate that.

This is a real fast game. The game play is real bad. Turning is always delayed and the combination of a fast racing game with lagging game play is a big letdown. The music is kind of entertaining.

Sonic Shuffle

The Dreamcast had many good games; this is not one of them. The graphics are pretty good, but that is the only thing that saves this horrible game. You can play with 4 players max, but why would you want to let your friends or family members suffer through the experience.

Your goal is to collect all the precious stones. The game offers many mini games that could have been left out. You basically play a board game and get to do mini games. Some of them are fun but most are irritating.

We looked at a couple of Sonic the hedgehog games that should have never come out. You are warned to not play these games, as they are a waste of your time. You will have more fun looking at paint dry. All joking aside, in all honesty you do want to skip these games at all cost. If you are a diehard fan and really want to play all the sonic games, go ahead and rent them, because after a day or two you will want to return them.

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Who Is Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic the hedgehog is the famous mascot of Sega. The blue hero has a best friend, Tails, and they are always up for an adventure.

Sonic has some enemies to, Knuckels and Egghead, also known as dr. Robotnik. There are many fans all over the world who like Sonic. He is so famous that there are comics, cartoons and action figures available of him and his friends.

Sonic is blue, spiky, and extremely fast. He is so fast that his speed can destroy the competition.

Sonic has become famous for his 2D games. Some of the 3D games have been a big disappointment. Some are good, but most are mediocre at best.

Tails, his sidekick for the 2D games, plays a more important role in the 3D games. You also have the choice to switch between different players. Each of them has their own moves.

Sonic is famous for his spin dash. This is a move where he curls up as a ball and starts rotating real fast, he then shoots forward.

Tails is known for his ability to use his tails to fly. He can fly to places Sonic cannot reach. He can also lift Sonic the hedgehog to these places.

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We hebben Sonic Spellen

Op zoek naar Sonic games online? Nou, Zoek niet verder. Wij bij Bluegamesonline hebben een grote lijst van vrije sonic games online.

We proberen ons best om deze games te vinden en breng ze naar je. De meeste van deze spellen zijn echt goed. Dus goed het zal u herinneren aan de tijd dat u gebruikt om te spelen sonische op de Megadrive. Sonic is beschikbaar op verschillende spelconsoles nu, maar hij is nog steeds zo snel als altijd.

De Sega Team is hard aan het werk de ontwikkeling van nieuwe Sonic games en op tv kan je sommige Sonic cartoons. Dus onze held is hier te blijven, ongeacht wat andere websites en blogs te zeggen.

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Sonic Unleashed

Sonic Unleashed is yet another Sonic game but with a twist. Everybody knows that our favorite blue hedgehog is all about speed. This game definitely delivers on the speed part, but is that all? Does it bring our hero to the next level?

Sonic Unleashed is divided in three sections. You have daytime, night, and adventure. Now what are these three about? I am happy you asked.

The day part is where its at. All the action and fast running takes places during the daytime. Sonic the hedgehog is super fast, so fast that most of the time you do not even know what you are doing. This is a good thing and it reminds me of the 2D Sonic games that I loved and miss so much.

You get to dash through various levels and they are all very beautiful. On the other hand, the nighttime is lacking in fun. During the night, you get to play with Sonic as a Werehog. This is a over sized, monster version of Sonic.

The Werehog lacks on speed, but makes up for this with Brute force. While attacking enemies, you will notice that his arms can expand very far. This might be the only part that indicates his speed. He is so fast with his arms that it can extend.

The night stages in Sonic Unleashed are fun in the beginning, but they become boring and repetitive pretty quickly.

Maybe I am reaching to far, but it seems like a good theory.The last section (adventure) has you collecting tokens you can use to open the day and night stages. This part of the game they could have left out.

So is this a buy or a rent? I would say rent it and play it. You will probably get bored and bring it back to the rental store. Sonic Unleashed had some nice touches, but it could have been more.

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Sonic Spinball

Sonic Spinball is a Genesis game that came out on the Wii virtual console. By listening to the name, you can imagine what the game is about. Spinball has been cleverly used. Spin for Sonic the Hedgehog his moves and pinball, because the game is a pinball game.

Even though the game looks like any of the previous Sonic games, this one is different. In the old Sonic games you have to complete the stages by running and spinning full force to reach the end, while defeating enemies who are in the way.

Sonic Spinball is different, you are in a pinball table and have to collect the chaos emeralds. If you collect them all, you will be able to fight the boss.

Platforming is kept to a minimum, this is all pinball action.You can do the normal actions such as running, jumping, and the spin dash. But you won’t be doing this very often.

What you will be doing is handling the flippers shooting Sonic in different tubes and against walls to make the action move forward.

In Sonic Spinball it is not about mindless running and jumping, you actually have to think about what you need to do to get the emeralds. These are not easy to get as there is always something standing in the way to keep you out.

For example, in the first stages some of the emeralds are surrounded by slug. It is up to you to find out how to drain that slimy slug out and then collect the emerald.

The graphics have not changed from the Genesis period, which is kind of disappointing (imagine playing this game with the latest graphics). But it is still a very cool game, if you are looking for a game where you have to use your brains.

Sonic Spinball is a must play, so get it and start pin balling.

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Sonic Spellen

Speel gratis Sonic spellen online. Speelbaar zijn Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Shadow of een van de andere personages in de meeste flash games, bijna net als de Sega Genesis. Speel Sonic online gratis en geniet ervan.

Zoom met Super Sonic the Hedgehog door de weelderige, leuke en vertrouwde omgevingen met een hoge snelheid. Gebruik super snelheid op je avontuur om uw vrienden en fijnwrijven Dr Robotnik in deze oude arcade spel klassiekers. Vergeet Mario zijn rivaal.

Onze blauwe held heeft een lange weg. Starters op de oude Sega-console systemen zoals de master-systeem, MEGADRIVE, en de Dreamcast. Veel van de 16bit en 32bit spellen op deze consoles werden klassiekers die nog steeds wordt gespeeld vandaag.

Nu kunt u spelen Sonic spel online en dit arcade website is de beste sonic games die zijn gratis te spelen online. Wij hebben de grootste lijst van alle populaire arcade die beschikbaar zijn. Dus verplaatsen over Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog is hier om te blijven.

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Sonic Rush

Sonic Rush is a Nintendo DS game that goes back to the 2D Sonic games, but does it live up to the famous 2D Sonic games? You will be surprised.

All I can say is Sonic Rush, where have you been all my life. This game is awesome. It takes all of the good things about the 2D Sonic game and improves on it. After playing some of the bad 3D Sonic games I am pleasantly surprised and relieved that Sonic Rush is a must have.

Even though it is 2D, it still has 3D elements, like the 3D special stages and the 3D touches while playing the game. The animation is excellent. Sonic has different animations for the different situations he is in. When you play the game you will notice these animations, they added way more than the old games.

Sonic the hedgehog is so fast you can sometimes see a double image of him. To make things even better, you can give sonic a temporary boost to speed him up. This is something that was not available in the 2D Sonic games.

This burst of speed is great, because it makes game move forward at the same fast pace. It is irritating if you where traveling fast and then something breaks that rhythm, an issue I always had with the older games. The boost keeps the same flow going.

You can power up your boost meter by doing tricks while airborne. While doing these tricks the crowd will go wild.

You will also be using both of the DS screens, but most of the time you will use the top one.

If you thought about buying Sonic Rush, do not wait and by it now. It is better than the old 2D Sonic games and it is very addictive to play it on the Nintendo DS.

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Sonic Mega Collection

Sonic Mega Collection is a fans dream come true. This game has only appeared on the Gamecube and it has most of the Sonic games that came out on the Genesis.

A lot of people do not like the new direction the Sega team took when they decided to switch 2D Sonic to 3D Sonic. But you cannot blame them, because 3D platforms have been doing great. Just look at the Mario games.

Many people jumped on the 3D bandwagon and it was necessary for Sega to do the same, otherwise they would lose a lot of fans. This step in to a new direction brought a lot of problems with it. Problems that still haunt recent Sonic the Hedgehog games.

Sonic Mega Collection does not have these problems. What are they? First of all the camera work is not the greatest and the developers are having a hard time designing large stages that accommodates Sonic his speed. Sonic is so fast that they need to develop a very large amount of miles for a stage, just to keep the game long enough and make the fans happy.

Sonic Mega Collection has plenty of the old classics that will keep you busy for a while. These are: Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic and Knuckles, Sonic Spinball.

To make it even better, you can also unlock other Sonic games for even more fun. The Sega team also added some extra nice features into the game, to keep you happy. Like photo galleries and the instruction books that came with the games.

All the games are kept intact. This is a good and bad thing, because a slight graphical improvement would have been a nice addition to the games, but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Sonic Mega Collection is a must have for any Sonic fan.

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Sonic His Best Friends

Sonic the Hedgehog has starred in many games where he had to battle his foes. Luckily he did not have to do this on his own, because his friends helped him along the way.

Let us find out who these friends are.

Miles “Tails” Prower

Tails is Sonic his first and best friend. Not only that, he also is Sonic his sidekick. When our blue hero is in a pinch, Tails is always there to help him out. His best ability is to fly using his twin tails.

Not only that, he is also able to pick up his friends and pull them up high in the sky. Personality wise he is pretty much a wimp. He seeks the approval of everyone around him, but when you need his help Tails will have your back.

While playing the 2D video games, Tails is mostly available as a second player who has unlimited amount of lives. A clever player will use Tails to destroy dr Eggman and keep Sonic out of danger, because it is game over if he dies.

Amy Rose

This is Sonic his unofficial girlfriend. She also goes by the name of Rosy the Rascal. She is pink and very cute. Her favorite food is ice cream.

For a small girl she sure is strong. Just look at her weapon, a big hammer. She uses it with skill, so she has clobbered plenty of enemies with it.


Knuckles, the red rival, is a great friend of Sonic. Both are very competitive though. This brings out the best in both of them. Unlike Tails who is a push over, Knuckles does not back down from anything.

Looking at Sonic his closest friends, you can see that they would not hesitate to help Sonic if he is in need. Later on Sonic will meet new friends who will help him as well.

Having friends makes life more fun for Sonic and in some of the game they actually have to work as a team. Because they each have their strengths and weaknesses.

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Sonic Heroes

In Sonic heroes you play as a team. The good thing about this is that you can use the special skills each member of your team possesses. This team consists of Sonic, Knuckles and Tails.

When it cones to these special skills Sonic of course uses his super speed. Tails has been beefing up, because his skills is flying. Not only that he can lift his friends. Now when I see lift his friends, I mean both of them at the same time.

This is a great skill to posses and it will help the team in reaching unreachable heights. Knuckles uses his power. You can use knuckles and throw him at your enemies.

Other teams are available, but the game is either to easy or a bit hard. Team Sonic is the middle road, not hard not easy but medium. But if you are up for a challenge, go ahead and try out team Dark. This team consists of Shadow, E-123 Omega, and Rouge the bat.

If the game is too hard for you, or you want someone young to play the game, you can try out Team Rose. Team Rose consists of Amy Rose, Big the Cat, and Cream the rabbir Now that we know are heroes, what are they up to?

The graphics in Sonic Heroes are very plain and cartoon like, but they get the job done and when you are zipping through the stages you will not even pay attention to it.

A big drawback to the game is the camera. Everything is fine when Team Sonic is in super speed mode, but when you slow down and start to walk around you will notice the bad camera work.

Sonic Heroes is a good game to rent I would not buy it, don’t get me wrong the game is fun. But it is only fun for playing it once.

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