Tails is Sonic his sidekick, he is more passive but can hold his own when it comes to fighting. Being sidekick has benefited Tails tremendously. Not only has he copied all of Sonic his moves, without asking him, he also has moves of his own.

Tails can do the spin dash, but it is not as powerful as the one Sonic does. Tails also has the ability to fly. Something Sonic cannot do, but then again, who needs to fly when you are faster than a speeding bullet?

Tails is of course not as fast as Sonic. Flying abilities always come in handy in video games. Tails is able to fly using his tails. Not only that, he can also lift his friends to new heights. This comes in handy when you need to find secrets or dodging enemy attacks.

Sometimes Sonic lets Tails take charge in fighting bosses and enemies. This is an super strategy to use, because Tails seems to have an unlimited amount of lives available. Every time he dies, he is gone for a minute or two and then comes back flying to Sonic his side. And he is ready for action again.

I don’t know about you, but anytime a friend risks his multiple/unlimited lives to help you out, he is a true friend indeed. Vice versa, Sonic has Tails his back, also.

Tails is considered the cute character, because he has fur, is a small fox, has big eyes, and can fly. Sonic on the other hand is more macho. He has speed on his side, is darker in color and is impatient. He is also spiky, not cute at all. Now you know why his spin dash is more powerful than Tails’.